Turbulence and Instabilities in Plasma Flows


Scientific Scope

Plasma flows are ubiquitous in nature – pervading the Earth’s environment through the interplanetary space – while hot and cold plasmas are operated every day in research, industrial and public facilities, with state of the art plasma technologies being already at the base of modern fusion reactors, aerospace engineering, navigation and communication infrastructures. Advancing fundamental research on plasmas is therefore critical to support the development of sectors that are strategic worldwide and to underpin the many technological applications based on plasma frameworks. This workshop will address fundamental issues and major science and engineering applications of the research on plasmas, with a special focus on non-linear turbulent dynamics and flow instabilities. The event will gather scientists working on novel theoretical and numerical methods for plasma modeling, space plasmas and next generation of experimental fusion and cold plasma facilities. The workshop will host also the kick-off meeting of the recently approved ERCOFTAC "Special Interest Group”  (SIG # 50) on geophysical fluids and astrophysical plasmas: www.ercoftac.org/special_interest_groups/50_geoastro/




 1) Emmanuel Lévêque 

 2) Roberto Bruno

 3) Jorge L. Chau 

 4) Aziz Salhi

 5) Fabien Godeferd

 6) Claude Cambon 

 7) Nicolas Plihon 

 8) Fabio Feraco

 9)  Daniele Telloni

10) Harikrishnan Charuvil Asokan 

11) Raffaele Marino

12) Doris Folini

13) Rolf Walder

14) Rainer Grauer

15) Wouter Bos

16) Sébastien Galtier

17) Eric Serre

18) Sergey Nazarenko

19) Benjamin Favier

20) Vincent Dolique

21) Simon Vincent

22) Alain Pumir

23) Arakel Petrosyan

24) Nobumitsu Yokoi  

25)  Jan Friedrich

26) Thierry Passot




D-1 am : welcome and opening + session on "Turbulence and instabilities in magneto- hydrodynamic and kinetic plasmas"

D-1 pm : kick-off meeting of the ERCOFTAC – SIG#50 "Turbulence, waves and instabilities in geophysical fluids and astrophysical plasmas"

D-2 am : session on "Advances in experimental and numerical methods for plasma investigations"

D-2 pm: continuation of the morning session + social activities 

D-3 am: session on "Plasma modeling and applications"

D-3 pm: continuation of the morning session + concluding remarks



- Numerical and the theoretical modeling of turbulent plasma flows

- Plasma instabilities

- Magnetohydrodynamic and kinetic plasmas

- Astrophysical plasmas and geophysical fluids

- Cold and fusion plasmas

Local Organising Commitee

  • Raffaele Marino (LMFA/ECL, Lyon)

  • Emmanuel Lévêque (LMFA/ECL, Lyon)

  • Nicolas Plihon (LP/ENS, Lyon)

  • Fabio Feraco (LMFA/ECL, Lyon)
  • Fatima El Boukhrissi (LMFA/ECL, Lyon)

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Roberto Bruno (INAF, Rome)

  • Jorge L. Chau (IAP, Rostock)

  • Doris Folini (ENS, Lyon)
  • Rolf Walder (ENS, Lyon)

  • Fabien Godeferd (ECL, Lyon)
  • Wouter Bos (ECL, Lyon) 



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